Hassan El-Essawi
Partner, Research

Hassan is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration from the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics. Growing up in the Middle East, and later Toronto, Hassan caught the startup bug quickly, running his first business at 16 on the weekends when he got home from his grocery store job. While in high school, Hassan operated an advisory shop for small businesses, scaling the operation from bookkeeping to full-fledged financial advisory over 18 months, helping clients through real estate purchases, bankruptcy filings, and liquidation sales.

Hassan also has professional experience across the Private Equity, Fintech VC, and Commercial Real Estate industries.

Q: Where is your family from?
A: I’m originally Egyptian and have lived in the Middle East for much of my childhood.

Q: What is the most inspiring part about working on Hub & co?
A: Working with smart people. Through Hub & co I get to help brilliant founders with innovative ideas solving challenging problems every single day.

Q: What types of things do you do in your free time?
A: I love learning about new tech, and currently write for a few different publications on emerging technologies and their applicability to business and finance. I'm also an avid chess player and make sure to lift every morning.

Q: What is the last thing you read?
A: Anarchy, State, & Utopia, by Robert Nozick

Currently Located

64 University Ave. W
Waterloo, ON
N2L 3C7

What I Work On

Youth Entrepreneurship
Capital Management
Cash Development
Growth Hacking