Dylan Ratti
Partner, Technology

Dylan is currently studying at Smith School of Business pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce. Growing up in Oakville, Ontario, Dylan quickly became enthralled with technology. During his secondary education, He secured over $40K in startup funding, and lead projects, designed strategy, and implemented solutions for a Silicon Valley-based global leader in cloud technologies.

Dylan’s experience has included running and consulting startups making an impact on both national and international levels.

Q: Where is your family from?
A: My family is originally from India, however, I was born in Canada.

Q: Why are you excited about youth entrepreneurship?
A: From a young age I have always been extremely passionate about entrepreneurship and having started ventures focused around youth in the past, it excites me to be able to involve, enable, and inspire the next generation of strong leaders. I believe that age does not and should limit one's ability to create an impact, and by providing youth with the necessary tools, the opportunities are endless.

Q: How do you help businesses (in Hub & Co.)?
A: I help businesses in Hub & Company through developing and meeting their technology strategy; really what steps must we take to achieve the vision for their company on a technical standpoint

Q: What was the last thing you read?
A: “Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future” by Peter Thiel and Blake Masters. It’s an  amazing read providing insight as to how we can explore new frontiers and create innovative inventions

Currently Located

Goodes Hall
143 Union St W.
Kingston, ON
K7L 3N6

What I Work On

Youth Entrepreneurship
Digital Strategy
Pre-Revenue Launches
Nonprofit/Community Dev.