Summer Venture Associate Program

Work to develop your entrepreneurial skills, grow ideas and channel your abilities into a 16-week program designed to allow you to build the next great thing. See your passion come to fruition and expand your network all from your laptop.

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Build Something Kickass
This Summer

The Summer Associate Program is designed to give students a taste for entrepreneurship and continue to develop their skills, network and opportunities in business and technology. Through our partners and collaborative online community, we connect students to resources, education and experiences that solve big problems.

Talent First

Due to the COVID-19 situation that we currently find our world in, we decided that it was critical to offer students the opportunity to be a part of creating new 'Future Forward' companies. The program is designed to seed, start and scale through a 'Founders First Incubator' model, allowing successful applicants to solve big ideas with the help of mentors, guides and industry leaders.




Leverage weekly workshops and educational resources to build a strong understanding and foundation for you and your team. Education is key to being successful in your own right, we provide you with opportunities to explore new areas of your interests.


Grow your network and introduce yourself to new possibilities through virtual events and partner opportunities. We've created a community around you to envelop your skills and work into a cornerstone of every conversation.


Launch and grow your own company. We want you to take what you learn from the Summer Associate Program and continue to grow your business far past the program. We've designed the cohort to have everything you need to continue operating your business.

Past Partners

We're partnering with industry leaders to share their knowledge, resources and connections with our cohort to build successful entrepreneurs and ventures within the program.

Weeks 1 & 2 — Tackle

Welcome and congratulations on being a part of the Hub & Company Summer Associate Program. In your first week in the program, we will get you set up and acquainted with the cohort and introduce you to 'The Hub'. This your opportunity to make your venture teams also through coffee chats and networking opportunities that are facilitated through our team, and is where you pitch your ideas to your peers in the cohort.

Week 3 — Prove

Proving your venture team's idea and ensuring that you can solve the problem with your talent, resources and connections. This is your opportunity to learn more about not only your team but also what you want to specifically solve in the world. We're not exclusive to certain industries and will look to support you and your cohort colleagues in any way possible.

Weeks 4-14 — Grind

Simply grind. Solve the problem, attend as many workshops as possible and try to leverage the resources given by Hub & Company. This is where you work to make your venture successful and potentially aligned with solving your big problem that was determined in week three. During this period we will introduce you to various industry leaders, market gurus and partners who may help you build a better solution to your problem.

Week 15 — Pitch

Attend the Venture 65 pitch competition and pitch your venture to bidding investors and industry partners who may look to help grow your business beyond us and the program. We want you to be challenged to share your vision, solution and mission in unique ways. The winners will receive additional funding and resource support through Hub & Company and our industry partners.

Weeks 16+ — Stream

Following the conclusion of the cohort, you will still have access to Hub & Company resources. This includes 'The Hub', our online community of industry partners, access to our internal resources and mentors as well as the opportunity to continue to scale your business with our support.

Joining Gives You
More Connection

The Hub is our online digital community designed to connect you to leaders in your respective industry. Through this powerful system, we allow you to get exclusive access to leaders in your communities and industries to build better businesses.

Pitch To Fund

Pitching your business to our network of partners and talent allows you to gain exposure to a network of industry professionals and leaders. In the Venture 65 Pitch Competition, you and your cohort will have the opportunity to continue to invest in your company and attract attention to big problems that you're solving.