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    Canadian Locations

    Waterloo, ON

    Waterloo is in the heart of innovation and digital leadership in Canada and is often a best-in-class leader globally for community development, commerce, education and technology.

    Partners that reside in Waterloo, Ontario include:

    Olivier Szczepaniak

    64 University Ave W.
    Waterloo, ON
    N2L 3C7

    London, ON (Western)

    London is home to the University of Western Ontario and the Ivey Business School, among others. Our team leverages the creative, manufacturing and medical innovations that have come from these institutions.

    Partners that reside in London, Ontario on the UWO campus include:

    Logan Keiller

    1255 Western Rd.
    London, ON
    N6G 0N1

    London, ON (King Street)

    Downtown London is home to the likes of, Diply, TechAlliance and Robarts Research and continues to prove it's the place to foster innovative technologies, ideas and businesses.

    Partners that reside in downtown London, Ontario include:

    3-201 King St.
    London, ON
    N6A 1C9

    Toronto, ON

    Toronto is the commerce financial hub of Canada and is home to the largest population in Canada. Our team in Toronto looks to leverage the unique ecosystem of Toronto's technology, finance and innovation labs to help our clients work towards a viral-scale of digital, analytics and operational strategy.

    Partners that reside in the heart of the financial district of Toronto include:

    1 University Ave.
    Toronto, ON
    M5J 2P1

    Kingston, ON

    Kingston is uniquely placed between the economic centres of Canada, allowing for ample connection of commerce, logistics and tourism. Our team in Kingston specifically focuses on technologies, software and AI/big-data for our clients.

    Partners that reside in Kingston, Ontario at the Smith School of Business include:

    Dylan Ratti

    Goodes Hall, 143 Union St.
    Kingston, ON
    K7L 3N6