Social Causes

We believe that businesses have a responsibility to give back. We love working with groups looking to make the world a better place. We have a ton of experience working with social causes to develop their events programming, sites, and digital presence.

Have a cause but need some help? Look no further.

What we look for in a social cause

Communities, regardless of size, economic status, geolocation or current social/economic climate rely on nonprofits, associations or groups to provide vital services at local levels. Effectively, these organizations work as engines of change but often are run by volunteers which results in unconscious mismanagement and loss of strategy. We look for organizations that are looking to grow and continue to remain in critical contact with their community.


the total amount of impressions our campaigns and projects for social causes have garnered over the last year. This number is almost completely organic, meaning that we've not had to allocate capital expenditures to buying ads.


amount we've helped directly raise for our clients working as nonprofits, not-for-profits, or social change interventions. This number continues to rise as our capabilities grow throughout Hub & Co.


the total number of people directly affected by our clients in this category in Ontario over the last year. Although this number is difficult to pinpoint, we've been able to help our clients better understand their impact through various methods.

Our Model For Causes

We're always excited about what social causes are doing within their communities and how they shape the environment they live and work in. Through this, we take an investment-driven approach to causes, thus, we look to become your strategic partner for everything from operational strategies and engagement, to community research and marketing development. In doing this, we've been able to work with clients on large and small problems affecting them today and in the future and build plans to mitigate resource and public risks (similar to our public sector strategies).

Other Industries We Work In

We're a group that is well-versed in creating natural positive change in the organizations we partner with. See where we also work and where we can also provide value to you and your organization.