Consumer Goods

At Hub & Co we’re not afraid to take on consumer goods. We realize it’s an extremely competitive category but, we’re confident that we can help you take your idea for a product to the masses using direct to consumer channels. We can help you get your product built, optimize your unit economics, and run successful marketing campaigns that lower your customer acquisition cost and increase your Loan to value.

Have a killer product, but need some help? Look no further.

Product development and strategy

We work with you as colleagues or partners, rather than 'clients' to take your idea to the product stage, or from the product stage to new lengths. We can help you manage your brand, develop your product, figure out your unit economics because we've done it before.


We help you build a brand that's relevant, one that's easily identifiable, and fun. We help you become the javelin in the haystack... hard to miss.


We help you find a manufacturing solution that will help your economics without compromising on quality.


We build campaigns that will maximize impressions and optimize conversions. We do this by building bespoke digital campaigns that help you bring your product to the masses.

Direct to Consumer

We love working with DTC companies building products people want. We can help you manage your back office, develop a global payments system, optimize your distribution network, all while making sure your site keeps customer data safe.

Other Industries We Work In

We're a group that is well-versed in creating natural positive change in the organizations we partner with. See where we also work and where we can also provide value to you and your organization.