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Life At The Hub

We look to promote equity, equality, smart ideas and innovative actions within our organization. We thrive on competition and look for people who do the same.

Our team is made of a growing number of students throughout our operating locations in London, Kitchener-Waterloo, Kingston, Toronto and Dublin. Together, our partners, associates, analysts, developers, designers, marketers, strategists and thinkers work together on challenges outside of our usual classroom setting to help our clients grow and innovate. We're proud to say that we value everyone in our organization regardless of heritage, gender, sexual orientation, ability, experience and culture. This is something we've engrained in our culture and is something we're founded on.

What Do We Look For?

We're looking to create an organization made of leaders of tomorrow. If you think you fit no mould, have unique experiences and perspectives, or are looking to take your theory and apply it, look no further.

  • Self Initiative


    We're always looking for people who take the extra steps within their education, extracurriculars, interests or hobbies and showcase their skills in unique and expressive ways. Our team is built on people with specific skills that they're not afraid to showcase their abilities for our clients and help them grow in the process.


  • Entrepreneurialism


    Being entrepreneurial is something we value immensely - regardless of scale or intent. We believe that people who take the plunge into running a business or organization is the best way to understand the unique needs of our clients and how to best serve them.


  • 'The next'

    'The Next'

    What we call 'the next' is our belief that serving the client's future needs in addition to their current ones is just as important. Being able to strategically think beyond what you're doing today, and being both a short and long term thinker is uniquely important and valuable to us.


  • Obsessive Nature

    Obsessive Nature

    You're invested in something that is unique to you - and you're not afraid to show it. We want people from a wide range of backgrounds, talents and interests, making both our culture and our offerings just as diverse. In doing this, we look for people who obsess over detail and a topic that interests them immensely.