Welcome to the Future Forward Firm.
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We partner with our clients to leverage their existing infrastructure and resources and ignite new opportunities for growth, innovation and transformation.

We're really here for whatever you need today and tomorrow.

We're built on three distinct 'pillars' of questions.

Our partners, associates and analysts all utilize the same framework, regardless of what you're trying to achieve to deliver the most value to you and your organization. Although the way in which we work with you will always vary, we like to keep our strategy transparent and straight-forward in order to maximize adoption, transparency and operational efficiencies.

1. Future Proof

Does this solution offer an immediate and long-term deliverable that can survive the length of the contract? How does this deliverable improve current challenges and minimize future ones from reoccurring? 

2. Break & Repeat

Why won't this work and what obstacles make this strategy not fully effective? Are resources and tools not being utilized in the best manner or more effective use-case?

3. The Dory Effect

Will this strategy cause short-term transformation? Will this strategy be instantly adaptable and if not why? What best-practises do we need to leverage to promote leadership, opportunity and vision?

Qualitative Approach

Given the nature of our work, we start every contract with client discovery to allow us to approach your organization in an educated and in-depth manner. This results in a high-quality analysis of your qualitative touch-points and processes, operational workflows, and stakeholder interpretations to better understand you and your organization. In doing this, we also approach your problem from every angle. When we want to analyze your numbers, we ask the qualitative questions surrounding their reporting as a way of better comprehending your operating environment and internal processes.

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Portfolio Report

Understand how our clients and partners work and see where we're currently working to improve the bottom-lines, public images, corporate strategies or whatever problems our clients face.


of our clients see an immediate change to their business within the first week - showcasing our team's speed, effective implementation and ability to deliver.

4.5 weeks

for most deliverables to be sent to clients or this is the amount of time required for us to define a clear and actionable plan for your organization.


of clients would recommend us to another business looking for similar solutions and would use H&C partners, associates and resources to continue to develop their organization's strategies.

Quantitative Backing

Everything we do relies on models, simulations and data-driven metrics to ensure performance and results. Given the unique nature of each client we partner with, we look to leverage analytics, data and information simulations in the most specific and measurable manner we can. To do this, our partners look at your organization both as a stand-alone entity and within your general and partial environments to give in-depth and precise understandings of your organization's current, future and potential performance standards.

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